Why Go to India?

  Two weeks away from a departure to my third trip to Hyderabad, India. I am excited as ever to see the children, leper people, and experience new things that God has waiting for me. During this trip I am convicted to share the gospel of Jesus Christ to as many people as possible. We…


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Shannon, Ireland Airport

Recently, I was befriended by a man on facebook asking me to verify my presence in a picture with his son 6 years ago in Shannon Ireland Airport. This was a very Interesting Thing to happen… On my way to Kuwait, June 2005 – I had a Long layover at Shannon, Ireland Airport. I thought…


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Proud to Be a Veteran

Alarm sounding from my duffel bag, I woke to a day that I could never forget. My bags were mostly packed, a somber mood, a prayerful spirit, I woke to begin my time at war. For on that day in July 2005, I would fly to Iraq. We loaded up our bags by┬áseparating our small…


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