Quiet Time

Philippians 1

Have you ever started reading a passage and then you couldn’t really get much further? As if God was showing you something, but not sure what it is. Like you want to keep reading, however you don’t have peace about moving forward. I’ve been there recently… and you guessed it: Philippians 1 (Title gave that one…

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Loyatly is Needed in Friendships

In preparing for my message at Hazardous last night, I searched the bible for a passage that talked about Loyalty in Friendships. I came across a great passage that I feel works GREAT in illustrating this point. Have you read about the guys who carried their paralyzed friend to Jesus, then with so many people, they climbed…

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Life is GREAT

With a couple of my friends, we just read through the book of Philippians. It is a great book to the people of Philippi from Paul. Overall it is an encouraging book to me, to call out the importance to live this life for Christ, not complain and an earnest attitude towards Prayer instead of…


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What’s an Ox got to do with it?

As I was reading some Proverbs the other day, this verse kind of hit me… Without oxen a stable stays clean, but you need a strong ox for a large harvest. Proverbs 14:4 It almost seemed to jump off the page at me. When that happens, I tend to put more time and attention into it….


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What would Jesus cook for Thanksgiving?

Tomorrow is the day. You know the one where we get to say ‘Thanks!’ and eat lots of food. It is particularly one of my favorite holidays of the year. For the most part it has traditionally been a family event filled with fun, laughter, and good conversation. The meal usually consists of turkey, mashed…


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