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Raleigh Dinner Time


I like to eat some food! Do you? Well, I had an opportunity to check out a Great restaurant in Downtown Raleigh this evening, Gravy. Yeah… Gravy. You have me right there. I’m thinking Gravy… mmm. I love gravy. So what kind of food is it, home cooked meatloaf or turkey with mashed potatoes smoothered in… Gravy? To my surprise, it was a delicate italian cuisine. I okay eating some good Italian Food.

I’m in a wedding for a great friend this weekend, and Gravy hosted the rehearsal dinner. The wait staff were very pleasant and helped to make the entire evening fun and enjoyable. The salad was nice and fresh (expect there were some tomatoes) and the garlic knots. The baskets kept coming! They were so tasty, warm, bitesize goodness! Then the chicken Parmesian over a bed a spaghetti noodles with gravy (sauce). The portion was filling, but not over stuffing me. Then on to dessert, Tiramisu. This elegant yet fluffy dessert was a way to seal this meal all up.

If you are looking for a great sit down Italian restaurant in the heart of Raleigh, check it out. Recommended from a guy who likes to eat.

Here’s some more information about Gravy

My Heart is broken…


When you see this image, you think many people want to answer a question (or ask one). Well, that is & isn’t the case here. The hands being raised is a result to answering a question in their heart, one in which they choose to allow Jesus into their life/ into their heart. They are raising their hands to praise God!

A broken heart… yes indeed. I feel in this picture these people are focusing on God and what He can do for them in their life. They are saying they will depend solely on Him, instead of other gods or things in their life. They are saying they will rely more on God then on themselves. My heart breaks for my own self-centeredness. I strive to live a life pleasing to God, but do I come up short in having a solid faith on Him alone? At times I sure do stand on that faith… at times I am as guilty as they come for thinking more about myself than others.

While many of my friends are currently finishing up a trip in India, I hope to return to this wonderful country one day. My heart beats for helping people to feel loved and share God with them. During this trip, my heart seems to be exploding out of my chest for anticipation of my next encounter with these people I’ve come to love. Yes, my heart is broken for these people also. Many people in India have never heard about Jesus, the love of a God who can give them hope to carry on. I dream of a day that I will be able to share the love of Jesus with them…

Matthew 9:36 – 36When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd. 37Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. 38Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.”

So I write to see what you think from this picture? What do you see? What happens in your heart?

My heart goes out to Team India


Many of my friends are preparing for a trip to Hyderabad, India to show love to many people. I’m sad that I’m not going this trip, but we shall see when I can return again (possibly March 2011). Please pray for them.

Hmm To Start a Blog?


Well… here goes… I’m going to start a blog. Mainly, so I can see where i have been in life. good times…

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