Christmas Card 2011 – Memories

As time goes on, there are memories that you hold on to. Here are some pictures of memories that I wish to keep with me. Liz and I setup our own studio in front of the christmas tree for our family photo for Christmas 2011. We laughed so much! Seriously… you can’t tell why! We like to have fun and enjoy life. This just happened to be one of those glorious days!

The hardest part for me was not sharing these photos with the world before the cards actually went out. So enjoy… laugh… and smile!

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Thanksgiving… Relaxing

The smells of a hot kitchen in full motion filled our home with delight and cheer. Liz and I had the opportunity to share our first married Thanksgiving by preparing the entire meal, well most of it. Out teamwork played out as we were hand in hand tackling such a large project. With smiles and full stomach’s our guests appreciated every bit of it.

The wednesday started everything off. We were on a mission to the grocery store to find all of our ingredients on the list. For as much food as we needed, this was a rather quick trip to the store. The turkey’s were on sale and the celery was overflowing. We were ready to cook thanksgiving dinner. As the day went on, we thawed out the turkey. Maybe not the best way, but used running cold water throughout the day. Note to self, get the turkey well in advance next time. (Another reason for this blog, so I can read my notes later when they mean something.)

Liz made some wonderful pies, apple and pumpkin. MMMM…. just thinking about them gets me all upset, because I want to eat some more of them. As they baked, I was so delighted to be married to such a wonderful woman!

Thursday morning light passed through the curtains to catch the corner of my eye. To my feet I rushed… for it was… COOK THE TURKEY Day. Liz and I got everything ready. We began to prepare the turkey. You need oil (Another Note to self) to cover the entire turkey. The inside was filling up with some onion and celery. Liz knew how to salt and pepper this bird, or I thought so. We each thought the other would take charge with the salt going in. Let’s just say a pound and a half would have been less then what was poured in. We wrapped the turkey up and got it into the oven.

Everything else was a breeze. My parents showed up and we invited a good friend over to enjoy dinner and fellowship. The whole day was peaceful and relaxing. I will remember the aroma of the day. One filled with turkey, gravy, pumpkin pie, apple pie and homemade whipped cream. The time spent with some people we love. Catch phrase was a hit. As the night wrapped up, I could only think about how blessed I am these days. I have a great wife, wonderful animals, and loving friends and family surrounding us. Thanks to all who have invested into myself and my wife. We love and appreciate you!

Good ol’ thanksgiving memories.