Instagram and #uthmin

We are seeing a current trend and fad these days, it’s called pictures! Ever seen one? Sure you have. We see them everywhere, and in my ministry we are seeing many of our students hanging out on Instagram. Social networking is big time, and when we talk about being involved and invested in their world…

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Haz 9.12.12 – Battle Within – week2

Week number 2 into our Battle Within Series at Hazardous. I shared a deeper temptation that I had to battle in my life. Going through difficulties in life makes it hard to understand what God is doing. But years later looking back, I can see how God worked through the tough parts of my life….

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Haz 9.5.12 – Battle Within

Hazardous kicked off on September 5, 2012 – I had theĀ privilegeĀ of giving the first message setting up the first series called Battle Within, which is a series talking about facing temptation. Check it out, offer any critique to help me become a better communicator. Thanks! Haz 9.5.12 1 from hazardousmsm on Vimeo.

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Power in Asking

If you don’t ask, the answer is 100% of the time NO! It is a new season of trying to scramble and find volunteers. And as someone who is passionate about students, seeing leaders coming alongside those students, seeing students grow in their relationship with Christ, students showing up and inviting their friends, and pretty…


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Hazardous Baptisms Yet again

Baptism is an outward expression of the commitment these students have made with God. Choosing to do this in an atmosphere like Hazardous is not only inspiring but courageous. 18 brave students and 1 leader in front of 400+ witnesses confessed their love and commitment to follow Jesus Christ. The beginning of the night starts…


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Dirty Dog Did What?

Dogs are Awesome! They are so loving! Man’s best friend. They are loyal and friendly. But then they did WHAT? That thing that makes you wonder about what were they thinking. How could they even go there? Do that? You see the other day, I had an interesting scenario. Sunday, it was a beautiful day…

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